Eat This! And your ED will disappear in a flash

Sarah-Palin hotLook, it’s only natural (as you get older) to “slow down” a little bit when it comes to the action that you’re getting in the bedroom.

Obviously, our bodies just aren’t made to keep going at it like we used to when we were younger (though it’s always fun to think back on our teenage years and remember just how wild they really were) – but that doesn’t mean that your libido and your sex drive should disappear completely.

In fact, if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction (or a handful of other “performance-based” problems), you probably are clinging to at least a little bit of your sex drive and want to figure out how to ramp it up no matter how many birthday candles you’ve already blown out.
Well, while those days of rabbit like activity you had in your 20s probably aren’t going to come back anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that you need to give up hope completely.

No matter how many years you’ve already accumulated on the clock, there’s always a chance to boost your sex drive and get back into the swing of things without too much headache or hassle. It all comes down to what you put in your mouth!

So use the tips and tricks below to get you started!

Change the way you look at sex

stupendous-sarahIf you’ve been dealing with a lower libido situation for any amount of time (we’re talking about longer than a year or so), the odds are pretty good that you have “anchored” some pretty negative thoughts about sex in the back of your mind – even if you never intended to!

And because these thoughts, these feelings, and these emotions are buried deep in your subconscious (and almost carved in stone because of the repetition that has been involved), they are going to be a little bit on the more difficult side to root out.

The fastest way to “de-program” yourself from these negative thoughts is to try and flip your perception on sex from something that is challenging, something that is difficult, and something that doesn’t happen all that often into something exciting, something valuable, and something important.

You’ll be surprised at just how quickly your libido floods back when you eliminate all of those negative roadblocks in your subconscious.

Always look for opportunities to the intimate

You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to think that you would be able to swing the kind of sex life you have in your early 20s to when you’ve reached your 50s, 60s, or even beyond that – at least if you’re going to act your age.

No, to really get right back into the saddle, you’re going to want to “roll back the clock” a little bit and at least pretend to be a youngster again when it comes to searching for opportunities to be intimate.

The odds are pretty good that your first few years after becoming sexually active were filled with a scavenger hunt for opportunities to be intimate with your partner. The odds are also pretty good that you try to find any excuse (just about anywhere) to sneak off for a little bit of action.
That’s the kind of mentality that you want to rekindle again, especially if you’re trying to really ramp things up while adding a little bit more excitement and passion to the mix.

Size matters! Chemistry can help

Sarah1Finally, if you are dealing with physiological issues or biochemical issues (problems like erectile dysfunction and a handful of others that may or may not have rendered you completely impotent), you need to speak to a trusted and trained medical professional to see what your options are.
Viagra isn’t a household name because it doesn’t work.

This amazing little blue pill (also available in the UK as generic Viagra or sildenafil) have completely changed the lives of hundreds of millions of men all over the globe – and will continue to change lives for years and years to come.

You just might need a little bit of “performance-enhancing” help to get you over the hump that you are dealing with, a barrier or blockage that you have absolutely no control over at its core.

Drugs that have been designed to treat erectile dysfunction (especially solutions like sildenafil, hands-down the most effective and reliable generic Viagra on the planet) have an established reputation across the globe as getting the job done without too terribly many side effects or negative drawbacks – though there are a couple of different things you want to be aware of.

But again, that’s the kind of information that you want to get from a professional that understands your specific situation, your specific biochemistry and physiology, and the erectile dysfunction issues you may be dealing with.

You aren’t going to want to reach for powerful generic Viagra or sildenafil without the “green light” from one of these experts – but if they do point you in that direction, don’t be shy about getting your hands on a full supply just as soon as possible. In short, don’t be a proud schmuck with a limp dick.  Buy Viagra and get a hard on.

Just make sure you’re ready to use it!

According to our Nurse – Pornography Causes Erectile Dysfunction

sarah-nurseWhile it seems like it would have the opposite effect, there is increasing evidence that watching too much pornography is causing problems with men’s normal sexual performance. Men can easily become fascinated with pornography, it’s now easily available to everyone that has an Internet connection, and there seems to be a link between watching a great deal of pornography and erectile dysfunction.

Since the prevalence of access to an unlimited supply of porn of all kinds is a fairly recent phenomenon, scientific inquiry into the possibility of it causing men to suffer from erectile dysfunction has been limited. One recent survey of men that viewed what was termed an excessive amount of porn from the age of 14, and continued with daily consumption of sexual images into their mid-20s, reported that they had become desensitized after a while to even the most lurid forms of pornography, and even violent images that involved sex. This desensitivity appears to carry over into men’s real lives, lowering their libido and making it difficult for them to achieve an erection when engaging in real life sex.

This phenomenon is becoming more visible as more and more very young men are seeking out the help of drugs like sildenafil, the chemical name for both brand name and generic Viagra. Doctors that prescribe sildenafil will often closely question their patients about their overall health and state of mind in order to rule out any underlying medical conditions that erectile dysfunction can be a marker for. As the availability of copious amounts of porn on the Internet has become common knowledge, doctors are including questions about porn use to their patients in order to know if it’s having a deleterious effect on their sexual performance.

Because most doctors treat men that suffer from erectile dysfunction later in life, they have very little experience in counseling the very young patients they see who report that they’re unable to achieve or maintain an erection during normal lovemaking and suspect it’s because of watching too much pornography.

Any woman can be your WonderWoman

sarah-palin-wonder-womanDoctors aren’t sure exactly what the trigger for this problem might be, but anxiety over body image and the unrealistic portrayal of the sexual abilities of people depicted in pornography might be causing young men to feel too embarrassed to participate in normal sexual intercourse with a real partner because they fear, rightly so, that they could never perform at the level of men in even the most mundane kinds of porn. Conversely, young men who have grown accustomed to much more extreme and even violent depictions of sex in order to become aroused know that such behavior would never be tolerated by their sexual partners in real life, and so can’t become aroused while thinking about normal sex.

Doctors and therapists compare the unreasonable expectations that develop by watching continually more explicit and kinky porn to the effect of alcohol abuse, where the abuser has to take more and more in order to achieve the same effect. Doctors often prescribe sildenafil along with counseling patients to work out the psychological implications of watching pornography and tapering off their viewing while becoming more in tune with the needs of their real-life sexual partners, so that they can overcome their need for constant stimulation.

Take Inspiration from a Sexually Powerful Woman and Avoid Erection Killers

sarah-palin-bikini-nude-barack-obamas-world2If you’ve ever had to deal with an erection problem, you’re probably ready (and willing) to do just about anything and everything you can to make sure that it never happens again.

This can range from getting your hands on all-natural supplements and solutions that promise to banish erectile dysfunction from your life forever to using sildenafil – a potent generic Viagra option available in the UK and designed to get rid of ED in a hurry – and everything in between!

But what if you’re dealing with problems getting an erection that have absolutely nothing to do with erectile dysfunction, and everything to do with a number of other issues that are going on addressed?

There are a lot of them out there that you may or may not be aware of. In fact, some of them are “hidden issues” that you may have never even thought consider could be destroying your ability to get an adequate (or rockhard) erection any longer – and you’ll need to do whatever you can to get rid of them.

Well, you’ll want to make sure that you have all of the bases covered no matter what – which is why we have created this quick guide for you to get started with!

Ready to jump right in?

Are you consuming too much alcohol?

sarah-palin-hottieYou’ve probably experienced this before:

You’ve had a little too much alcohol but run into someone that is just as ready to go as it possibly gets, but end up having to deal with the disappointment of being unable to perform – just because the drink robbed you of your ability.

You’re certainly not alone. In fact, one could wager that most men have had to deal with this kind of prickly situation at least once in their past.

However, if you are chronically dealing with this problem, or are drinking more alcohol then you probably should, you might not be dealing with erectile dysfunction. In fact, you might not be able to get any real results by using sildenafil or another generic Viagra if this is your problem

Do you have an addiction to cigarettes or tobacco products?

Smoking is almost as bad as drinking when it comes to getting an erection when the moment strikes, though it does most of its damage over a much longer block of time.

If you are a casual smoker you’ll probably not deal with too terribly many impotence problems stemming from this nasty habit, but if you have a tendency to rip right through a pack a day or more, you might not be dealing with erectile dysfunction at all.

It’s worth looking into, and smoking is definitely a habit worth abandoning for overall health improvements – even if it doesn’t transform your erectile dysfunction problem.

How to cope with stress in the office

Hot-Sarah-Palin-PicturesStress and pressure can do a number on the human body in ways that most people couldn’t even imagine.

If you are dealing with external stresses and pressures (or internal stress and pressure that you are building up all on your own), you need to do whatever you can to get rid of that extra baggage as quickly as humanly possible.

Meditate, take up yoga, or just try to cool down and relax on a daily basis and you might be able to get rid of your impotence problems without having to take sildenafil or other erectile dysfunction drugs.

How is your circulatory system?

If your circulatory system isn’t running as efficiently as it should, the odds are pretty good that you’re going to be dealing with erection problems.

On top of that, you are going to be putting yourself at risk for some very real and serious health problems stemming from your slow performing circulatory system. This is definitely something that you’ll need to clean up and clear up as quickly as you can.

Are you in a happy or healthy relationship?

thumbs_sarah-palin-nude1Finally, all of the sildenafil or other generic Viagra erectile dysfunction options on the planet aren’t going to be able to help you get an erection if you aren’t attracted to the person that you’re looking to be with.

If you aren’t in a happy or healthy relationship, or if you feel like the light has gone out of this relationship, it might be time to cut bait and look for something else that really gets your blood flowing (metaphorically speaking, of course)!